Over 7,000 nonprofits call Central Florida home. Each uniquely identifying and working to change the lives of people, plants or animals. With so many to choose from, Orlando Gives has made it simple for you to find a cause you connect with using the innovative platform, donasity. Nonprofits can do more with the advancement of technology. Orlando Gives seeks to provide a space where organizations can learn, grow, and thrive by leveraging the technologies available in a fast-paced world. Whether an organization needs a new app to help puppies find a home or a new website to share their mission with the masses…YOU can be a part of helping our community grow stronger. All you have to do is select any cause below that touches your interest to get started searching the organizations making a real impact in our community. Each organization listed is registered as a charitable 501c3 organization in the Orlando area.

When you give through Orlando Gives, powered by donasity®, you are giving directly to the Non-Profit Organization(s) you choose to support. Rest assured, through the donasity platform, 100% of your donation goes directly to the Non-Profit organization of your choosing and the recipient organization won't have to wait 30 days to receive their donation, as it is sent to them immediately. So, when you choose a cause through Orlando Gives and give to a Non-Profit that supports that cause, such as helping the victims of the Orlando massacre at the Pulse night club, you can know that your donation will directly help those in need at the time when they need it most.
Please do support the Pulse victims in Orlando.
#HateWillNotWin #OrlandoGives
How It Works


Orlando Gives is an independent movement created to broaden the awareness and visibility of the causes affecting Central Florida's communities. Through the giving of dollars, time and service to support an organization’s technology or program needs. This will continue to strengthen and create solutions to some of our region's greatest challenges. A community with a strong nonprofit sector, is a thriving community.


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